USPTO Improves Customer Satisfaction and Help Desk Problem Resolutions


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is an agency under the United States Department of Commerce. Its primary focus is on issuance of patents to inventors and businesses for inventions and trademark registration for product and intellectual property. Wymond supported the agency under the OCIO Help Desk Services via IMTAS.

The USPTO IT Help Desk Services is the single point of contact for all USPTO employees and supporting contractors reporting problems with, or requesting services/changes involving software supported by the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO). There are approximately 155,000 change requests, service requests and incidents logged per year.

Business Opportunity

To reduce the number of calls to the Help Services Desk and expedite the process of examining, issuing and disseminating patents and trademarks – as well as to expedite service to the people who reported problems.

Furthermore, Wymond supported these additional areas:

  • Mitigating employee retention issues, from which the USPTO suffered due to a previous contract, and providing additional personnel
  • Coordinating with the USPTO’s Information Technology support contractors, as well as other previously-hired USPTO contractors
  • Providing technical support for the development, storage, and maintenance of all task manager directives, service commitments, service level agreements, operational support plans, standard operating procedures and technical notes established by the USPTO
  • Creating a service request record for all calls received and providing IT support to USPTO customers
  • Participating in technical evaluations of new hardware, software and networking technologies.
  • Conducting root/cause analysis of reported issues
  • Participating in the implementation and adherence to an ITIL framework of best practices

The USPTO also necessitated a number of advanced problem resolution support initiatives, including:

  • Supporting USTPO Enterprise Remote Access Telework Programs, including the configuration and support of client workstations
  • Providing technical assistance for Knowledge Base software, as well as providing development standards and naming conventions to USPTO Knowledge Base


In order to mitigate the business risk of executing multiple projects without interrupting the work of USPTO staff and its contractors, Wymond:

  • Developed a comprehensive training program for existing employees and promoted qualified staffers to improve retention for the long-term
  • Developed 24x7 schedules for coverage and arranged for constant staffing and support
  • Strengthened employee relations by creating long-term roles, investing in training opportunities and instituting quarterly reviews to ensure that employees were engaged and meeting goals


Wymond’s role in the OCIO Help Desk project contributed to a drastic reduction in call center volume – despite the USPTO growing its complex telework program from 3,500 to 9,000 users.

Furthermore, Wymond’s Knowledge Base management and active survey system ensures that we meet the contract levels for service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Today, Wymond provides 24 staff members who support a large portion of the OCIO Help Desk and the advanced problem resolution teams. We meet the client’s budgetary needs while reinvesting in personnel training and equipment upgrades to maintain the best possible service for the USPTO.

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