USPTO Improves Data Warehouse and Enterprise Standardization


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is an agency under the United States Department of Commerce. Its primary focus is on issuance of patents to inventors and businesses for inventions, as well as trademark registration for product and intellectual property. Wymond supported the agency under the Infrastructure, Design, Engineering, Architecture and Integration (IDEAI) via ManTech.

Business Opportunity

Like many organizations, the USPTO suffered from inefficient information management procedures, resulting in issues with data redundancy, limited data storage, complex data architecture design and poor data standardization.

The primary challenge for Wymond and its contracting partners was to organize, consolidate and document portions of the vast data architecture of more then 160 systems, while working closely with Data Quality Management and the Enterprise Data Division.


Wymond provided a highly-qualified team of subject matter experts to lead the overall technical approach for data management, distributed systems, advanced technologies and project management.

This included leading all team members in the following areas:

  • The development of data migration, conversion, consolidation, integration and warehousing for various Automated Information Systems
  • Preparing data artifacts, including data analysis, assessment, profiling and mining plans
  • Reviewing and documenting existing USPTO business processes to ensure quality and consistency in USPTO databases
  • Providing technical assistance with installation, configuration and usage of the IBM quality data management tools
  • Developing a monitoring system to ensure the quality of USPTO metadata stored in the enterprise information repository
  • Enhancing the data quality analysis in USPTO’s technical standards and guidelines, as well as the data quality management guidelines for developers
  • Performing baseline quality assessments on databases used in legacy and data standardization
  • Notifying the USPTO of areas for data reengineering opportunities, as well as data quality enforcement
  • Developing recommendations on data quality assessments for selected databases used in USPTO legacy systems


Wymond’s information management approach from a data perspective led to multiple successes at USPTO, including: Building a foundation for the agency’s data standardization needs; modernizing the data warehouse activities; setting a strategy for dealing with data maintenance; and documenting the data model for the agency’s complex enterprise of systems.

And while Wymond continues to work with the USPTO on this ongoing effort, we have made great strides in enforcing data integrity through the system development lifecycle (SDLC), providing an integral standardization for data quality and for USPTO in the long term.

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