USPTO Improves Enterprise Asset Management


U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is an agency under the United States Department of Commerce. Its primary focus is on issuance of patents to inventors and businesses for inventions and trademark registration for product and intellectual property. Wymond supported the agency under System Development Integration via Computer Sciences Corporation.

Business Opportunity

To support a migration of a multiple legacy environment and establish more than 10 integrations using BMC Remedy technology. USPTO needed an auditable manner to deal with lost and stolen equipment. The agency also needed a scalable way to track asset ownership, purchase order financials, maintenance and warranty contracts, and many other areas of asset management.

The end goal was to allow build a custom asset management system, cutting license costs by $100,000 annually, resolve failed audits and create a process to maintain constant asset ownership.


Wymond’s team of experts worked to design, develop and deploy a solution integrating multiple enterprise applications in tandem with the EAMS asset, change, service, problem, incident and knowledge Base management systems.

The EAMS system became the backbone of the CIO division, supporting all technical support staff, helpdesk operations, asset inventory teams, and financial and service level agreements for contractor performance.


Through the release of EAMS, USPTO became a benchmark across the Department of Commerce for asset inventory management. By providing a new way to track and manage assets in an auditable manner, the USPTO was able to decrease the amount of missing equipment and better manage ownership of an asset through its lifecycle. EAMS established a holistic approach to the agency’s need for an integrated solution, supporting CIO technical operations from a problem, change, service and asset management perspective.

Through continued support of the EAMS project, Wymond is working on moving the CIO division to an ITIL-compliant service delivery model to include a configuration management database (CMDB).

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