BB&T Bank Streamlines Data and Process


BB&T Bank is an American bank offering full-service commercial and retail banking services, along with other financial services. Wymond supported the bank through a Dimension Data IT Service contract.

Business Opportunity

To provide a solution to for the financial organizations reporting bottleneck and resolve the lack shared availability of enterprise data required for authoritative dashboard and executive reporting.


Implementing an approach focused on the organizations priority report needs was key. Wymond refined BB&T’s data analysis and Business Objects reporting system by focusing on enterprise automation and sharing data across like systems. The organization's reporting system was a manual process and access was not real-time for pertinent information.

Through defining data elements, creating a data model for sharing, developing real-time reporting with a deep consideration on performance, Wymond produced an accurate and automated reporting distribution solution for the institute.

Furthermore, Wymond used its expertise in process improvement and enterprise management to increase the efficiency of BB&T’s emergency reporting via a general project plan approach.


While the support for this contract lasted a mere six months, Wymond was able to improve the procedures at BB&T and administer the backlog of requests. Our team automated the once manual process and helped streamline the data retrieval process into a dynamic reporting solution – allowing BB&T to make faster and more precise business decisions.

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