Lemonaide Day - Kids Helping Kids


(Alexandria, VA) Kids from all over Alexandria will once again put up lemonade stands on Saturday, May 5, 2012, as part of a daylong effort to raise money to benefit charities supporting at-risk children in Alexandria.  Lemonaide Day is sponsored by the teen non-profit organization, Kids Helping Kids, Inc.

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of Lemonaide Day and like last year, will be part of a four-day celebration of giving and service in the City of Alexandria called Spring for Alexandria, which takes place from May 2nd – 5th (www.springforalexandria.org).


Wymond Associates was a proud sponsor this year, helping our local teens drive another great year on this committed effort within our community. Last year, the event raised over $11,000 for two charities and had close to one hundred participants selling lemonade at stands throughout the entire city.  In its tenth year, this group has raised more than $94,500 for various children’s charities in Alexandria through lemonade sales, family and corporate sponsors. This year, the teens exceeded their goal of $15,000 for two charities during the Lemonaide Day event by strategically placing stands throughout neighborhoods in Alexandria.


Proceeds will benefit The Fund for Alexandria’s Child, a program for foster and at-risk children in Alexandria, which provides financial support when needed. The second benefactor of the proceeds is the Healthy Families Alexandria, a program of Northern Virginia Family Service, which provides voluntary home-visiting services to vulnerable first-time parents.  Healthy Families Alexandria strives to serve new families and ensure nurturing environments for community children.  


Raising money to support charitable organizations is an important goal, but equally important is the possibility of giving power to kids to support a good cause.  Everyone involved with Kids Helping Kids is thrilled by the support and recognition their efforts have received.  In addition, these teens are particularly proud and excited by the idea of bringing many kids together to do something meaningful for other kids in their own community.  

Lemon KidsLemon Kids II

For more information on Lemonaide Day or Kids Helping Kids,Inc.,

Please visit website:  www.kidshelpingkidsalexandria.org