Software Development Lifecycle and Agile Iterative Technologies

Wymond specializes in traditional SDLC, as well as Agile iterative technologies, and can be brought on to handle all phases of lifecycle management. Managing development for your information business is Wymond’s core strength.

We can be brought on to handle the full lifecycle management process through all phased approaches for traditional software development lifecycle management (SDLC) and Agile methodologies. Furthermore, Wymond can transition you to more lightweight and adaptive methodologies including the Agile Unified Process, Scrum, Dynamic Systems, Development Method (DSDM) or Open United Process (OpenUP).

Hot Button Issues

Technologies & Methodologies

Working with Wymond will help you mitigate common SDLC risks, including:

  • Active Support from Organization & Leadership
  • Delays for New Enhancements
  • Excessive Delivery Cycles

Wymond’s team of experts is skilled in a variety of essential technologies and methodologies, including:

  • Agile
  • Build Forge
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cost Mitigation
  • Light Technologies
  • Software Optimization and Reuse
  • Reinvestment Strategies
  • Shared Solutions


Wymond Services and Inquires

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